Equipment Technician

Sensata Technologies

Sensata Technologies

Aguascalientes, Mexico
Posted on Saturday, October 14, 2023
Equipment Technician, performs preventive and predictive maintenance by means of a maximum system, maintain machinery in optimal conditions. Perform calibration of measuring equipment. Give solution to abnormalities cards. Contribute with 5s methodology.
  • Equipment technician, with a degree in maintenance, electronics, or mechanics.
  • Perform preventive and predictive maintenance to conserve machinery with OEE standards.
  • mplementation of Kaizen to improve Mean Time Between Failure and Mean Time to Repair.
  • Generate list of critical spare parts and consumables.
  • Follow up on spare parts purchase orders.
  • Maintain ESH (Environment, Safety, Healthy) guidelines.
  • Provide production line support focused on priorities set by manufacturing team.
  • Ensure that the manufacturing equipment is in working condition, providing the preventive, corrective maintenance necessary to facilitate production without defects caused by the equipment.
  • Determining with the manufacturing supervisor or the equipment supervisor, the priority of attention of each machine to be attended.
  • Analyzing the problem and / or asking the operator of the equipment the problems that arise
  • Repairing the equipment Testing the equipment to ensure its correct operation
  • Delivering the equipment to the operator
  • Requesting the team engineer to check the equipment to be attended
  • Planning and negotiating with the manufacturing supervisor the availability of equipment
  • Preparing the necessary equipment to provide maintenance
  • Performing equipment maintenance
  • Verifying its functionality once the maintenance is finished
  • Delivering the equipment in working conditions.


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